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Application Form for Membership

(If not same as home address)
(*Note: Referee should be someone who is already a member of the Hindu House and knowing you personally)
  • I hereby apply to be enrolled as a member/well-wisher of the Hindu House, the Somnath Spiritual Park (Ganga Talao), and the Shiv Prakash Mandir (Triolet) and submit the above information for consideration.
  • I accept and undertake to abide by the rules and regulations of the Hindu House.
  • I accept and understand that I must pay all applicable monthly or annual membership fees or contributions to the Hindu House on a timely basis to maintain my membership.
  • I accept to receive mails/newsletters/invitations from the Hindu House on my above-mentioned email address and mobile phone.
  • I authorise the Hindu House to use the above information in the normal course of its activities and understand that it may release my membership information to certain partners as required.

*Please visit Hindu House Main Office, Cassis for further procedures.