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Somnath Spiritual Park, Grand Bassin

Somnath Spiritual Park, Grand Bassin

The Spiritual Park Cum Religious Retreat and Museum on Culture and Religion on a land provided by the State of Mauritius to the Hindu Community through Hindu House at Ganga Talao- Grand Bassin.

1st Phase Shiv Mandir and Gawshala

The Shiv Mandir consisting of 108 shiv lingams and the gawshala has already been completed. Numerous devotes visit the mandir and perform their pujas and religious ceremony at the Gawshala which is one very appreciated with everyone. Devotees also attend prayers at Shani Dev Mandir and Kartikaye Mandir. A large hall is used to provide mahaprashaad to devotees attending puja at Grand Bassin. Future vision and ongoing project for spiritual park cum religious retreat is the Multipurpose building at Grand Bassin.

• Shiv Mandir 108 Shiv Lingams
• Gawshala
• Hall for cultural activities
• Hall for mahaprashaad
• Shani Dev Mandir
• Kartikaye Mandir
• Ongoing Project : Multipurpose building